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Soil conditioner

The soil conditioner allows you to be more environmentally friendly, did you know?

It allows to :

  • Recycle existing land;
  • Sort stones and waste;
  • Reduce transport costs and Top Soil;
  • Save time for your projects.


  • Drum length 84 inches;
  • Angulation of the Soil hydraulic conditioner;
  • 18 x 8.5 polyurethane tire;
  • Dent 104 Carbridge tipped;
  • Requires hydraulic capacity between 15 and 33 GPM;
  • Weight 1200 lbs;
  • 2 side wings;
  • Hydraulic Cuppling.

Versatile, the soil conditioner tears the grass and sprays the clumps of soil.

Perfect to prepare the soil before sowing. It will allow you to offer the little extra to your customers.

Easy to install on any universal quick coupler.

Does not require Hi-Flow.

Polyurethane tires for access to rough terrain.

Rotating system with solid teeth raking up to 4 “deep.

Several positions allow the sorting of stones and debris for easy and fast pickup.



Very competitive financing on site, exchange accepted.


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Authorized dealer of the brand Erskine, we offer several accessories such as the soil conditioner which allows an eco-friendly earthwork and inexpensively.

Conditionneur de sol
Polyurethane tires.


Soil conditioner
Rotary system with teeth.


Conditionneur de sol
Universal quick coupler



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